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Palo Alto

Palo Alto

Why Should I take Palo Alto Network PCNSA Training?

To become proficient in following concepts & technologies related to Palo Alto. Describe how networks security function, identifying major components, the function of network components, and the CIA model on Palo Alto.

Use the command-line interface to configure-maintain Palo Alto Security Devices on PAN-OS a generic Network OS on Palo Alto Devices as well as GUI tools of PAN-OS.

  • Configure & Troubleshoot IPv4 & IPv6 addressing on the Palo Alto Firewall interface.
  • Configure & Troubleshoot Routing with static & dynamic routing protocols like RIP or OSPF on Palo Alto Firewall.
  • Configure & Troubleshoot Zones, Address Books Firewall.
  • Configure & Troubleshoot Security Policies ( Zone Based Policies, Global Policies, Application Firewall, IPS, Integrated User Policies) Palo Alto Firewall.
Who Should Attend Palo Alto PCNSA PAN-OS Training

CCNA Certified Network Engineer

Experienced Network Admin

Fresher passionate in-network career

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