High Paying Jobs in India
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High Paying Jobs In India

High Paying Jobs in India

It is undoubtedly true that everyone dreams of having a well-paying work. It is understandable to want a career that pays what you deserve after spending so many years educating yourself. But it is by no means a simple task. Due to the worldwide pandemic, technology improvements and digital transformation have had a huge impact on every industry including employment. We have produced a list of some of the highest paid jobs in India to draw your attention to the in-demand employment we have and make things simpler for you.

While there is no lack of career options that pay well, it is important to understand that salary standard is varying across organizations and industries. Your school background, professional experience, and other factors will all affect your pay. Whether you're a fresher, middle-level worker, or senior professional, there are ample options that provide you the highest-paying job which is fit for you. We have enlisted a list of the many jobs in the beginning of this post with highest paying salary in India to watch out for in 2023. The salary package is not the only factor that should be considered when seeking one of the best jobs in India, but also you need to see the growth.

About IT sector:

Information technology (IT) is the use of computers to create, process, store, retrieve and exchange of all kinds of data and information. IT forms a platform to connect information & technology which will lead to generate new field.
An information technology system (IT system) is typically an information system, a communications system, or, more specifically, a computer system, complete with all peripheral devices, software, and hardware, that is used by a small number of IT users.
The phrase is frequently used as a synonym for computers and computer networks, but it also refers to other means of information dissemination, including telephones and television.
Information technology is linked to a number of services, goods, and economic developments, including computer hardware, software, electronics, semiconductors, the internet, telecom equipment, and e-commerce.
Despite the fact that people have always stored, retrieved, altered, and transmitted information.
Three areas make up their definition: processing procedures, the use of statistical and mathematical methods in decision-making, and the computer modeling of higher-order thinking.
Computer science, which is characterized as the comprehensive study of procedure, structure, and the processing of diverse types of data, includes information technology as one of its subfields. We are starting to see the introduction of computer science-related courses in higher secondary school as a result of the field's continued global development and evolution.

List of the job categories in India with a handsome package .

  1. Investment Banking
  2. Data Science
  3. Marketing Management
  4. Management Consultant
  5. Machine learning
  6. Product management
  7. Business
  8. Software engineering
  9. Full stack Developer
  10. Block chain Developer
  11. Cloud Computing
  12. Finance
  13. Data Analysis
  14. Software Developer
  15. Chartered Accountant
  16. Doctor
  17. Public Servants
  18. Graphic designer
  19. Surgeon
  20. Scientists
  21. Corporate Lawyer
  22. Consultants

1. Highest paying job in an IT Sector

Jobs in IT Sector
The IT industry has a wide variety of well-liked jobs, with titles like computer hardware engineer, software engineer, information systems manager, software developers, quality analysts, programmers, network systems and data analysts, systems analysts, database administrators, systems administrators, support specialists, computer and information scientists, school/college computer teachers, etc.

Highest paying Jobs in Information Technology Sector.
Let�s Check on the Top Best Paying IT Jobs in Technology for 2023.

  • Software Engineering Manager (2.6Lakhs - 15.7 Lakhs)
  • Mobile Applications Developer (2.4Lakhs - 18.6 Lakhs)
  • Information Systems Security Manager - (8.5Lakhs -37.1Lakhs)
  • Database Manager (1.3Lakhs-33Lakhs)
  • Data Security Analyst - (3.2Lakhs-9.8Lakhs)
  • Product Manager - (5.0Lakhs-35.0Lakhs)
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engineer -(8.1 Lakhs- 50.0Lakhs)
  • Full-Stack Developer -(2.1 Lakhs- 18.3Lakhs)
  • Cloud Architect (7.0Lakhs-40.1Lakhs)
  • DevOps Engineer -(5.5Lakhs-40 Lakhs)
  • Block chain Engineer - (2.1Lakhs-19.0Lakhs)
  • Software Architect - 13.0Lakhs- 48.0Lakhs)
  • Big Data Engineer -(4.6 Lakhs -12. 0 Lakhs)
  • Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions Architect - (13.2Lakhs- 41.0 Lakhs)
  • Data Scientist - (3.8Lakhs-26.1Lakhs)
  • Cyber Security Engineer -(3.8Lakhs - 17.5 Lakhs)
  • IT Systems Security Manager -(8.5 Lakhs -37.1Lakhs)
  • Applications Architect -(15.6 Lakhs- 38.2 Lakhs)
  • Data Architect - (14.1 Lakhs- 43.8Lakhs)
  • Development Operations Manager - (3.2Lakhs- 15.2 Lakhs)
  • IT Security Specialist -(6.1Lakhs - 25.9 Lakhs)
  • Application Analyst - (3.1Lakhs-16.. 2Lakhs)
  • User Interface Designer - (2.0Lakhs-14.3Lakhs)
  • Application Developer - (2.5 Lakhs-16. 0Lakhs)
  • Business Intelligence Analyst -(4.1Lakhs- 7.9Lakhs)
  • Software Test Engineer - (2.5Lakhs -10. 0 Lakhs)
  • Information Technology Manager- (3.1-24.7Lakhs)
  • User Experience Designer -(2.5Lakhs-14.6 Lakhs)
  • Business Intelligence Developer - (3.0Lakhs-15.6 Lakhs)
  • Hardware Design Engineer - 2.0 Lakhs-10.0 Lakhs)
  • Solutions Engineer - (2.6Lakhs-17.7 Lakhs)
  • Network Security Engineer - (2.8Lakhs-12.0Lakhs)
  • Data Warehouse Architect -14.1Lakhs-42.3Lakhs)
  • Cloud Engineer -(2.9 Lakhs- 13.0Lakhs)
  • Enterprise Architect - (20.0Lakhs-93.0Lakhs)
  • Computer Programmer - 3.5 Lakhs- 47.1 Lakhs)
  • Computer Systems Analyst - 2.8 Lakhs- 18.0Lakhs)
  • Network and Computer System Administrators -(1.6 Lakhs-7.8 Lakhs)

3. Career Growth in an IT Sector

To establish a better career in IT sector you need to have relevant skills and depending upon the demand of market you need to upgrade yourself.
As currently, the demand has been increases that are the reason you can see the Non-IT professionals are switching their job in IT sector. The Career growth in IT sector is more as compare to other sectors. Due to the new technologies and competition in the market, every companies, institutes and industries are advancing themselves by automating their project works. Everybody is more emphasizing to developing their websites, switching their handy works to online.
The most important part to achieve career growth in an IT sector is to do multitasking, as if you are a Software engineer and your specialization is Full stack java and you have gain 3-4 years of experience then it's a high chance that people will expect that you need to have knowledge on other technologies too, so that you can be able to manage other people and other works too. It will give you opportunity to switch your position from Software Engineer to Project Manager Position, in that position you are going to look after too many other software engineers� work as you have gained multiple skills and you have ability to manage or handle Project Development part. So, for career growth in any sector, it's most important to upgrade yourself and learn the skills which are in demand.
Next thing is that how you will get promoted from junior level to senior level?
For getting promoted you should keep in mind that you should not stick to your title while working in your company, you should learn more skills and with which you should take up the responsibilities of other works too then only your higher seniors will check your performance and how aware you are about the demand and supply of the company. If you have fulfilled all the criteria for the promotion, then you will surely get switched from junior level to high senior or manager role.
Always show that initiative, courage and interest which is needed to go to the next level, for that you should observe your senior managers and try to take up their responsibilities & learn the leadership skills to manage the things properly, learn the skills they are bringing to the table.

Top IT Courses available in Pune with 100% Job Guarantee

Advance Your Career with These 5 Job Oriented IT Courses

1. Full stack development: The term "full stack development" describes the creation of an entire application, including the front end and back end. The user interface is on the front end, and the business logic and application workflows are on the back end.

Technobrilliant learning solutions is the best IT Training & Skill Development Institute in Pune.

They have structured the syllabus and designed the course depending on the industry demands.
Technobrilliant provides Best Full stack development course in Pune.
Here under Full stack development course you have two options either you can choose Full stack java or Full stack Python. Both the courses are design to give you the essence of frontend, middleware, testing and backend technologies.
We will see that what you will be learning under Front end & Backend technologies:

Full stack Java:

Frontend technologies :HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, core & advance JAVA, React JS, Node JS.

Database: SQL, MySQL.
Backend technologies: Spring, Hibernate, JDBC, Servlet, JSP, Microservices, Web Services, Advanced techniques (Jerking, JASON, etc)

Full stack Python:

Frontend technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Database, Bootstrap, C & C++, LINUX foundation, etc
Backend technologies: Python, OOPs, Database with MySQL & MongoDB, Frameworks (Django, NoSQL DB, Flask & TkInter GUI)

For click Full stack developer course in Pune

Read our Blog: Best Full Stack Developer Course in Punetech

2. Software testing: Technobrilliant learning solution provides you the Best Software testing course in the Pune. They are teaching you each and everything from the scratch.
Software testing is a course in which you will learn to detect the errors and bugs in the program written by the developers, they are exposed to many kind of testing like functional and non-functional testing.

Manual Testing: It is a type of testing in which a QA test process is done manually, the tester tests the software application in order to identify bugs. To do this QAs follow a written test plan that describes a set of unique test scenarios they also write test cases.
Basic Programming, OS, C& C++ language, Linux foundation, Database, fundamentals of testing, Core java, etc.
Automation Testing: Automation testing is a process that checks the functioning of software appropriately and updating the requirements before it is released into production. This software testing method uses scripted sequences that are executed by testing tools.
In the course you will learn basic selenium, web driver, locators, Commands, Advanced selenium (frameworks Test NG, Builds tools Maven, POM, Cucumber, Jenkins, etc.

Click on Software testing Course in Pune

3. Data Science: Data science is a course which is in a huge demand due to the complex processing of data on a daily basis. Industries needed a data analyst to reframe the collection of data and structured it in a proper format.

Technobrilliant learning solution provides Best Data Science Course in Pune. Reason behind this is that, they have experts who are having 5+ years of industry experience. They have worked on many real time projects and they will share same experience with their students.
Technobrilliant learning solutions has modified their curriculum depending upon industry demands and need of future.
In Data Science course you are going to learn Data modeling, Data handling, and data analysis, structures and graphical representation, geographical study using AI, ML, and Python.
Here, you will learn data science with Python programming language. Along with that you will be learning Statistics, Machine learning, deep learning and Artificial intelligence.
Click Data Science Course in Pune

4: Salesforce
Salesforce is the world�s number one customer relationship management (CRM) platform that assists commerce, sales, service, marketing, and IT teams of organizations to work from anywhere and keep their customers happy. Moreover, it�s a cloud-based application which offers software and services to build related customer experiences.
World is changing so fast in this digital age and everyone & everything is connected, transforming a way to interact with customers. In the era of digitization the way to the new businesses is changing a lot and needs to be with extra potential so that it can stand out in the crowd. Talking about Salesforce training center in Pune then it is Technobrilliant, it provides you best platform to learn Salesforce.

Visit website for Salesforce training in Pune

Salesforce makes easy-to-use cloud-based business applications that help you to stay connected to your customers, prospects, partners and more.
It's the world's no. one CRM platform enabling businesses to sell services and market like never before & is the customer's success platform helping you to connect with your customers in a whole new way. With Sales cloud, you know the information you need to close deals, collaborate and sell as a team. Manage contacts and track opportunities from first contact to final handshakes.
As Salesforce is cloud-based all your information is up-to-date in real-time & available wherever you are. So, you can even run your entire business from your phone.
This is the world's leading enterprise cloud ecosystem.
This is the customer success platform.
If you are looking to learn more about Salesforce and wanted to gain certificate and wanted to make Salesforce a career then you can do this by applying for the crash course of four months.
Technobrilliant learning solution provides the Best Salesforce certification training course in the whole Pune. It is a Salesforce training center in Shivajinagar, Pune.
Do you know What is a Salesforce and What does Salesforce

5. Web development: Web development is a work in which you are going to develop wonderful websites, making creative interfaces and building engaging web pages. Web development can teach you developing a simple single static page of plain text to complex web applications, electronic businesses, and social network services.
Talking about the institute which will help you to build up your career in Web Development and teach you the right strategy to crack the interview is none other than Technobrilliant.
Technobrilliant learning solutions provide the best Web Development course in pune and will be teaching you each and everything from the basics. You are learning these modules under web development; click on website to learn Web Designing Course in Pune

Web development: Frontend technologies :HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, core & advance JAVA, React JS, Node JS,JSP, Servlet, JDBC, C & C++ Programming, Oops, etc,.
Database: SQL, MySQL. Frameworks: PHP & Laravel.

6. Amazon Web Services: (AWS) is the world's most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform, offering over 200 fully featured services from data centers globally. Millions of customers like smallest to largest start-ups, enterprises, governmental, non-governmental organizations adopting this feature of cloud computing to minimize their service costs, enhancing the efficiency of their platform. With the help of AWS they are able to innovate the things much better than earlier.
To learn this, you need to join AWS cloud computing course. Technobrilliant learning solutions will provide the best AWS online/offline training. They are giving you training and working on real time projects which will help you to make your base strong.
In this AWS cloud computing course you are learning Basic global infrastructure, AWS cloud architectural principles, AWS value proposition, Key services, security models, managing accounts, etc.
AWS cloud tech covered with IAM,EC2,S3,ASG, route53, CloudTrail, etc,.
Click on Best AWS course in Pune

Are you tired of wasting time on IT courses that don't guarantee you a job? Now you can break into the IT industry and get the job of your dreams with Technobrilliant Learning Solutions! Our courses provide 100% JOB oriented training and placement assistance. Learn from the best, get certified, and get hired faster than ever before with Technobrilliant.
Technobrilliant offers you high-quality training and expertise that will enable you to succeed in your job.
Technobrilliant have 5+ Years of Industry expert�s trainer. Provides Hands-on live practical training Just click on Technobrilliant Learning Solution website for more details


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